By now, you’ve come to expect feats of strange wonder from MONA First Lady Kirsha Kaechele and her team of talented misfits. This year’s MoMa is no different; but she’s expanded her horizons to take in our beloved – but grubby – River Derwent.

At our first market for the year, we’re launching the River Derwent Heavy Metals Project: an ongoing art-science collaboration bent on tackling the problem of pollution in the River Derwent. Shocking but true, sections of our silvery behemoth (including around MONA) are contaminated with extremely high levels of heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, copper and zinc – that’s one hot mess). This project – the brain-child of Kaechele – brings together talented peeps from around the planet, including the University of Tasmania, the Derwent Estuary Program, CSIRO, IMAS, Monash Art Design and Architecture (MADA) Melbourne, the Alvar Aalto Foundation (Finland), the University of Texas (USA) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA). Oh. Em. Gee – what collective brain power!

The basic idea is: let’s blast these metallic bad boys from here to kingdom come. But how? The aim is to reclaim the Derwent through creativity and innovation. Expect a thrilling mix of art and architecture, performance and design, science and ‘heavy’ cuisine.

So make sure you come to the market to get your daily bread. And when we say ‘daily bread’ we mean a delicious, gastronomically ambitious, tasty tapas-style extravaganza of food, drink and entertainment. It will all be a little strange – what do you expect? – including heavy-metal themed food, crockery and cutlery; radical colour-saturation (come and find out for yourself), mad dentists (ditto) and, for the adventurous, samples of species from the Derwent cooked with ingredients that sequester metals from your body. Make sure you try our changing themed menus too – there’ll be a feast of poisonous fare (quick! Alert The Mercury! Just kidding; the cuisine will also work as an antidote) and at our first market, be sure to sample some all black food to embrace our hard-core metal mood. Heavy.


No Trash

This year, we’re also implementing a No Trash initiative for the market (don’t panic – you can still get trashed if you really want to, but you’ll just have to keep yourself tidy). All trash will be eliminated from the market, with beverages and food served in glasses fashioned from Moorilla wine bottles and nifty-as ceramic dishes glazed with sludge from the Derwent. There’ll also be ceramic artists on hand to help you make your own spoons. Thrifty-chic is so hot right now.