Fermented food curated by Jo Cook.  Art installations, craft and design curated by Natalie Holtsbaum. Mona Minors brought to you by Jen Murnaghan.

Did you know we humans are ninety per cent parasite and ten per cent ‘us’?

Mona’s First Lady Kirsha Kaechele does, and this year’s Mona Market is all about celebrating these much-maligned microscopic critters. She’s sick of their bad rap, you see, and thinks we should be spending more time worrying about the sorry state of the earth and of our bodies, and less time worrying about so-called ‘germs’.

Kirsha will be working with scientists and collaborator Daphane Park to present a tested gut-health hypothesis. Daphane, herself an artist and gut-health enthusiast (following a near-death experience with a microscopic foe), will turn the microscope on everyone’s favourite poo machine, Cloaca Professional (2010), putting him on a strict fermented, health-food diet. We will all measure his fluctuating stink factor.

At the same time, the market will celebrate the power of the micro-critter: fermentation, after all, is the engine of civilisation. And of hipster-ism.

Are we all just parasites? Or is that an insult to parasites?

P.S. Kirsha will also be opening a Day and Night Spa at Mona to keep us looking fresh for the festivities. It’s not only the inside that counts…menu below.

Continues every Sunday until 27 March, 11am – 4pm

Mofo Day & Night Spa
(Ultra Vivid Light Spa)
All treatments will require a festival pass to access

Purify inside and out, realign and take a well-earned intermission with our range of cleansing massages, yoga, makeovers, mani/pedis and an exclusive collection of ultra luxurious spa therapies.

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