Don’t, don’t, don’t bite your friends.
- Yo Gabba Gabba

Wrong, Yo Gabba. Eating friends is in. Led by MoMa’s inimitable First Lady Kirsha Kaechele and her posse of wondrous winged monkeys, the market’s fourth outing is all about engendering loving relationships with the friendly critters and plants on our plates (i.e. find out where they grew up, go to second base, etc.). So, as you revel in the glorious sun-drenched agora (aka the MONA lawns), quaff delicious rainbow unicorn urine cocktails and get up close and personal with your lunch – sourced from a tasty-as selection of pop-up chow and bevvy vendors – before doing battle in a cultural dance-off (ballroom vs. break, ballet vs. krump), kicking back as your little monsters run amok at the MoMa Minors Tent (they’re teaming up with Terrapin Puppet Theatre this year) or letting your groove thang loose to MoMa’s weekly musical marvels, programmed by everyone’s favourite hirsute demigod, Brian Ritchie. Feel dem summer feels!

Oh, and there’ll be a casino. A chicken casino (yep). Don’t tell the Federal Group. Or the government.

But wait; there’s more! The River Derwent Heavy Metals Project is back with a vengeance, resolute in its ecowarrior mission to cleanse the river of its nasty metallic pollutants. With KK and co at the helm, this ongoing, nerdy art-science collaboration continues with an eclectic assortment of artworks, performances and the like, and our first market of the year will kick things off in bizarre and beguiling style.

Full program announced in early 2015, stay tuned.